CMDA-HudsonValley has a Vision for Free Clinic

August 8th, 2011


The Core Group of CMDA-HV has been praying about what God’s plan is for a community health ministry in our area for over six months. During this time, our chapter began free health screenings at the Newburgh Ministry, and the Catskill Regional Hospital donated a 40-foot RV to CMDA to be used as a health mobile. In our efforts to research free health care for the uninsured, we found that there were many logistical considerations and issues with corporate structure, licensure, and malpractice insurance that needed to be addressed. With God’s leading, the Core Group realized that CMDA did not provide resources for free clinics but instead we were directed to the Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF), which has the mechanism to provide services for free clinics nationwide. Dr. Juan Goyzueta volunteered to go to CCHF’s national convention in Nashville, TN from June 2-4, 2011 where he met Mark Cruise, MDiv, Principal of Free Clinic Solutions. Mark is a wonderful Christian from Tampa, Florida and is highly experienced in developing free Christian medical clinics throughout the United States. With much prayer, the Core Group was led to make the decision to invite Mark to come and tour our area, meet and talk with the Core Group, and share information about setting up a community health ministry that serves “the least, the lost and the needy.”

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, Mark Cruise was invited to present his ideas to the Core Group of CMDA-HV. He discussed relevant topics about how to build ministry support from our community; the importance of doing a community health needs assessment; and, the need to determine which care model we should pursue (i.e. free clinic versus low-fee charitable clinic). Mark also presented information about New York’s clinic licensure law and federal malpractice protection. He discussed community health ministry “best practices,” which include the need for having a clear vision and focus, clinician “champions, “ identifying a strong organizer, utilizing a Steering Committee, engaging many churches in the area, developing an efficient delivery system, and creative and effective fundraising.

On Sunday, July 17, 2011, Mark Cruise and the Core Group met with the extended CMDA group at Grace Community Church to give an overview of our vision for CMDA-HV. The Core Group introduced the new CMDA-HV website and there was time allotted for input and discussion with the church members as to God’s will for our community health ministry. Mark and the Core Group answered excellent questions that members had, and many good ideas were brought to light. An interest form was circulated to help reveal hidden talents that may help move our effort forward. It was emphasized that our Steering Committee be made up of experts in their field to help organize and take our vision to the next level.

If you have any interest in serving on this project or know someone who might be a strong candidate for the Steering Committee, please prayerfully let us know on our website.


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