International Saline

June 26th, 2011

The Hudson Valley Christian Medical and Dental Association (HV-CMDA) was blessed to host and to jointly sponsor an educational event called INTERNATIONAL SALINE with the International Health Services, the Philadelphia CMDA, and the NYC CMDA. Over 20 participants attended on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at Grace Community Church on Rte 94 in Washingtonville, NY. Attendees included physicians, nurses, and medical students from each of the sponsor locales: Hudson Valley, New York City, and Philadelphia. This was the first INTERNATIONAL SALINE training event held in New York State.

Every Christian health professional has a unique opportunity to improve both the physical and spiritual health of their patients, but many feel frustrated by the challenge of integrating their faith and practice within time constraints legal obligations. However, the medical literature increasingly recognizes the important link between spirituality and health.

In our contact with patients we are called to be 'the salt of the earth' - flavoring life with grace rather than blasting people with the truth. INTERNATIONAL SALINE is designed to help Christian healthcare professionals bring Christ into every day work. It has helped hundreds throughout the world to become more comfortable and adept at practicing medicine that addresses the needs of the whole person.

INTERNATIONAL SALINE is a training process developed by International Health Services (IHS) specifically for the healthcare setting. Attendees were discipled, trained, and coached to skillfully and confidently assess the spiritual condition of their patients. With practical tools, INTERNATIONAL SALINE enabled trainees to personalize an approach to share the love of Jesus according to each patient’s needs.

The course was aimed at helping us draw patients in a natural way one step closer to a relationship with God. Key scriptures showed the role into which practicing Christian healthcare workers are called by God. Experiential learning methods, such as role play and case studies were cleverly used in the exploration. Ongoing evaluation and encouragement continues well past the day’s training.

CMDA-HudsonValley is doubly blessed that the founder of International Saline and the President of International Health Services, Bob Snyder, MD, joined Larry Dauer, PhD, and Rev. Bryan Stoudt (Area Director, CMDA Philadelphia) as course facilitators.

CMDA-HudsonValley is planning future INTERNATIONAL SALINE events both locally and in assisting in sponsoring an INTERNATIONAL SALINE event in the New York City area as well. For more information, email Larry Dauer at

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