A Plain Answer: Medical Missions

February 8th, 2014
Dan Elmendorf
A Plain Answer: Medical Missions
Air Date: 2/6/2014
Medical Missions - serving the Lord by loving people and caring for them
Caring for people really involves caring for the whole person - Body, emotions, and the spiritual. In this episode of A Plain Answer, we talk with a local medical doctor who is also a Christian. He spends some of his time each year donating his services to help the down and out. This is not a government program but rather it flows from the low level and from hearts of love. The compassion of Jesus Christ is ministered to many hurting people through the highly trained medical community. Please tune in to learn about an approach that is effective, low cost, and is serving people in several parts of the world as well as here in the Hudson Valley. Here in the Hudson Valley, there is a non-profit group that is helping the down and out and needs your support. They are Christ Health Care Ministry, and their website is found at: http://www.christhealthcareministry.org/ . Participants: Dr. Frank Imbarrato, Dan Elmendorf

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